MAD Helper Springs and Interactive Suspension

MAD auxiliary-springs and interactive suspension offer a quick and easy solution to improve safety and driving comfort. So instead of your vehicle sitting low on its’ rear suspension, or the suspension sagging due to the extra weight, by fitting MAD suspension it will drive a lot more level therefore it will be safer.


Did you know most trailers will add around 75 kilograms of extra weight for your tow bar? You will notice it through your lower suspension. This can reduce road grip and make your car feel less stable.


Bike Racks

If you are a real cycling fanatic you will want to keep your bike in top condition. Making sure your bike rack is stable and suffers no damage on your trip will keep your bicycle safe.



Holiday Baggage

The suspension of your car may struggle with too much extra holiday baggage. This reduces the safety of your driving. So what can you do to increase your stability?




Whilst you should try to keep your van light having all your equipment on hand is essential. Our auxiliary springs can help your van support the extra load.