Frequently Asked Questions

All domestic cars come equipped for regular use by their manufacturers. They are optimised for a driver, passenger and light luggage.

However, if you are travelling with a heavier load or towing, the rear suspension may sag which can lead to other, related problems.

Helper or replacement springs are available for almost all modern cars, vans and pickups on the road today.

However, not everybody, including garages are aware of this, ask them to ring us for a solution or look up your car on a vehicle selector.  If it’s not there, please call the office on 01386 882997 for further information.

The helper spring kits and replacement springs cab be installed by a professional in 1 to 2 hours.

Semi-air kits can take 2-6 hours, depending on the vehicle and specification.

This depends on the design of the vehicle’s rear suspension.  Helper springs can be fitted inside or next to the OE spring.  Red air bags fit inside the OE spring only and black air bag kits fit next to the OE suspension only.

There is a lifetime warranty on the coil spring kits for the original purchaser of the kit, brackets and fixings have a one-year warranty.

Semi-air bags have a three-year warranty, one year for the brackets and fixings.

Any replacement items issued under warranty have a one-year warranty themselves.


If a customer wishes to return a spring kit, we are happy to receive it provided it has not been fitted to a vehicle, it is in the original undamaged box and in “as new” condition.

The customer will pay for return postage along with a 15% restocking fee deducted from the refund.

We have fitting agents around the country, please call the office for details.


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