Frequently Asked Questions

Do helper springs have to be removed after the holiday?

No, they don't. Helper springs can be left on after installation and used for any future journey's where you may be carrying a heavy load. Learn more

Can I just fit additional leaf springs to aid my suspension when carrying heavy goods?

Leaf springs will aid a car's suspension but they will also reduce your driving comfort. The suspension will be sharper and harder. Learn more

Will replacing my existing springs with reinforced ones allow me to carry heavier loads?

You can but having new springs installed is expensive and time consuming. Learn more

What do Helper Springs cost?

The cost can range from £100 to £600+ Learn more

Is there a helper spring for every car?

Helper springs are available for all reputable car manufacturers. Learn more

How long does it take to fit helper spring and semi-air kits?

Helper springs can be installed by a professional usually in 1 to 2 hours. Learn more

How long do helper springs last?

Helper springs will last the lifetime of a car. Learn more

Can I have my helper Springs Installed on my new Car?

Sometimes, but check the measurements first. Learn more

How do helper springs work?

Helper springs are placed next to or in the current springs of your car. Learn more

Where are the spring kits fitted?

We always advise customers to have the springs installed by a specialist to make sure they are safe. Learn more

Whys is my current Suspension not Sufficient for Heavy Loads?

All domestic cars come equipt for regular use by their manufacturers. However, if you are travelling with a heavier load you may notice your suspension dip and your handling suffers. Learn more

What are the risks of heavy loading?

If you pack your car too heavily you run the risk of reducing your car's grip on the road. The steering will be less intuitive and your braking distance may also be increased. Having your car loaded too heavily at the rear will reduce the grip your front wheels have and all of these reductions in performance reduces the safety of your car on the road.  Learn more

The garage says that there is no solution for my car type. Is that right?

Ekollon's stocks MAD auxiliary springs for every car type. Your garage may not be aware of this; in which case ask them to contact us.  Learn more

Is there a quality mark on MAD’s helper springs?

How long does my warranty last on the helper springs?

When purchasing MAD auxiliary springs there is a lifetime warranty. Learn more