MAD air suspension

MAD air bags come in red and black – each is suited for different uses.

The red air bag fits inside the rear coil spring of a car, van or pickup. It is inflated prior to loading to prevent the spring compressing under load. Inflation is by means of a portable or garage compressor.

Black air bags are fitted to vehicles with rear leaf springs and are usually a replacement for the OE bump stop or alongside it, depending on vehicle design and available space.

Bellows type air bags are used for most applications but larger sleeve bags are available for some vehicles where a smoother ride and greater suspension movement is required.

Air springs do not increase the vehicle’s load carrying capacity, they are designed to optimise the performance within the vehicle’s limitations and users should not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or the vehicle.

MAD offer number of options:

  • Air Master Basic with bellows air bags and inflation with a portable compressor (not supplied).
  • Air Master Comfort with bellows type air bags, onboard compressor and gauges.
  • Air Master Automatic which is the self-levelling version.
  • Air Master Ultra Basic which has sleeve air bags inflated with a portable compressor.
  • Air Master Ultra Comfort with sleeve air bags, on-board compressor and gauges.
  • Air Master Ultra Automatic with sleeve air bags and self-levelling.
  • Air Master Ultimate is a full air conversion on the rear of the vehicle.


MAD air bag kits consist of heavy-duty Firestone air bags. These relieve pressure on existing coil springs to help them last longer.

Supporting your suspension means enhanced steering and braking, making your vehicle safer.

Air springs do not increase the load capacity, they optimise the performance under pressure. Do not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight.

Use our tool below to check which MAD suspension solution is best for your vehicle. 

Helper Spring

Reinforced replacement spring

Cross Country Spring