Red air bag

MAD red air bag kits consist of vehicle specific, heavy duty air bags which are durable and easy to install. These have been designed to allow the driver to maintain the correct vehicle ride height with enhanced steering and braking stability, even under a heavy load or when towing a trailer.

Air springs do not increase the vehicle’s load capacity; they are designed to optimise performance within the vehicle’s limitations and users should not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). 

MAD Suspension offers specialised suspension kits for a range of different vehicles.

Key benefits of MAD red air bag helper spring kits: 

  • Assists the existing rear coil springs, providing hard working vehicles with excellent ride, load carrying ability and adjustability.
  • Air bags are inflated by use of an air compressor to suit the load being carried.
  • Helps to maintain the correct vehicle design height and avoids any spring sag.
  • Improves safety when the vehicle is carrying passengers and valuable loads across uneven and varying surfaces.
  • Assists the vehicle in performing to design specifications without additional wear to the chassis or tyres.
  • Designed for easy, user-friendly installation


MAD red air bag kits consist of heavy-duty Firestone air bags. These relieve pressure on existing coil springs to help them last longer.

Supporting your suspension means enhanced steering and braking, making your vehicle safer.

Air springs do not increase the load capacity, they optimise the performance under pressure. Do not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight.

Use our tool below to check which MAD suspension solution is best for your vehicle. 

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Red air bag

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