Van Springs

Find out how our springs could save your suspension.

Helper springs for your Van

When transporting goods, you want to be able to take everything you need. However, without proper care, this could overload the rear suspension. 

MAD suspension helper spring kits or semi air conversions from Ekollon can benefit your vehicle in many ways:

Auxiliary Springs for your Suspension

When you set off in your vehicle you may make all the usual checks; petrol, tire pressure and screen wash, but what about the suspension? Overloading can damage suspension and make your journeys less safe.

MAD’s auxiliary springs help to take the weight off, making your journeys safer, improving your driving comfort and keeps your vehicle level when heavily laden.

So, how does it work?

Ekollon and Mad Suspension: Car Helper Springs

How MAD helper springs work

Heavy loads could push your van’s rear springs to the limit, resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability.

An auxiliary spring is an extra spring that you place next to or within the OE springs of your van. The auxiliary springs from MAD help the existing suspension to bear the total weight. Your vehicle will be able to handle heavier loads and you’ll be enjoying a gentler ride, reaching your destination safely and comfortably.

Auxiliary Springs are Affordable

Auxiliary springs are relatively inexpensive compared to other heavy load solutions. It helps that they are also quick and easy to fit.

Find the right springs for you today to increase your van’s load capacity.

How MAD air helper springs work

Air helper spring kits are also known as semi-air conversions, air assisters and air bags.

There are two basic types of air bags; red and black.

RED air bags sit inside the OE coil spring. They are usually fitted to cars, or vans and pickups on coil springs. They are inflated by a compressor to suit the load being carried; you can use your own or make use of one at a fuel station.

BLACK air bags sit between the axle and chassis rail. They are fitted to vans and pickups with leaf springs, and can be supplied as:

Helper Spring

Reinforced replacement spring

Cross Country Spring