Going on holiday you want the drive to be a smooth as possible, you may have more baggage than you thought. The extra weight can have an effect on your car’s suspension.  MAD helper springs will help keep your car level, improve traction and grip.

MAD helper spring kits offer a quick and easy solution to improve safety and driving comfort. So instead of your vehicle sitting low on its’ rear suspension, or the suspension sagging due to the extra weight, by fitting MAD suspension it will drive a lot more level, therefore it will be:

  • Safer
  • Have better grip
  • Improved traction
  • Not bottom out over speed bumps
  • Better stability

If you pack your car too heavily you run the risk of reducing your car’s grip on the road. The steering will be less intuitive and your braking distance may also be increased. Having your car loaded too heavily at the rear will reduce the grip your front wheels have and all of these reductions in performance reduces the safety of your car on the road.

Keep your Car Safe on Holiday

Your car’s suspension is not built for large amounts of heavy luggage. Carrying over your car’s load limit when going on holiday can reduce your road grip and make the car unstable. What can you do?


This is how helper springs work


Many passenger cars are built for regular use. Most weight recommendations are calculated based on a lighter load. In practice, this can often be exceeded with extra luggage. 

Car manufacturers do not count on you to regularly load your car with heavy items; whether it is luggage, a bike rack or a trailer. Heavy trailers or caravans are also a problem. Helper springs are the solution.

An helper spring is an extra spring that you can place next to or in the springs of your car. The auxiliary springs from MAD help the existing suspension to bear the total weight and improve your cars driving comfort.

The car can handle heavier loads through caravans and trailers. Speed bumps and bumpy country roads are no longer a problem! This way you always reach your destination safely.

Helper Springs are Affordable 

Auxiliary springs are relatively inexpensive compared to other heavy load solutions. The assembly of the springs is also done in no time so you can set off on your holidays immediately.

How MAD air helper springs work

Air helper spring kits, also known as semi-air conversions, air assisters and air bags.

There are two basic types of air bags. RED that sit inside the OE coil spring and BLACK that sit between the axle and chassis rail. Red air bags are usually fitted to cars or vans and pickups on coil springs and can come with an on-board compressor mounted in the boot area, you can use your own or make use of one at a fuel station.  Black bags are fitted to vans and pickups with leaf springs and can be supplied as:


Air Master Basic – bags, airlines and Schrader valve.

Air Mast Comfort – which also includes a compressor and pressure gauges.

Air Master Automatic – which also has self-levelling.


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